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The SBI Youth for India Fellowship is offered to bright young minds who are Citizens of India, Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), Citizens of Nepal/Bhutan. It provides an opportunity for them to live and work with rural communities and contribute towards solving pressing rural development challenges. The Fellowship builds young leaders who undergo a transformative journey by learning from the challenges of rural India. These leaders collaborate with NGO partners, local government, and the community to develop and sustain grassroots-level initiatives. The Fellowship journey comprises four phases:


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    Learn about our Application Process

    The Application Process offers Fellowship Aspirants a unique opportunity to work with rural communities, build their dream projects, and make a meaningful impact on India's development goals.


    Stage 1 (Registration and Online Assessment)

    Fill out the Registration Form and begin your Online Assessment. During the assessment, you will be asked to provide a detailed essay-based response where you can share your story, perspectives and intention to join the Fellowship.


    Stage 2 (Personal Interview)

    The Personal Interview stage is where the esteemed panel evaluates the applicant's personal characteristics and suitability for the role. This stage is designed to help the selection panel make informed decisions based on factors beyond academic qualifications and work experience and gain a deeper understanding of the person.

    The qualities of an Ideal Applicant

    The Fellowship welcomes applicants from diverse professional and academic backgrounds who exhibit a strong interest, passion, and commitment to the development of rural India. Applicants should have humility and eagerness to learn within a cross-cultural context and demonstrate a strong commitment to service. They should also possess the ability to be adaptive, resilient, and innovative in finding solutions in under-resourced environments.


    Citizens of India, Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), Citizens of Nepal/Bhutan

    21 to 32 year old youth may apply

    Bachelor’s degree should be completed before 1st October, 2023

    Celebrating over a decade of Impact and Innovations


    Bringing positive change across the farthest, most remote areas of India.

    The Fellowship allows you to choose your project focusing on key areas of rural development and join an ever growing number of youth leaders in delivering positive impact across India


    YFI Alumni

    Dynamic community, comprised of highly diversified professionals


    Partner NGOs

    Are the most accomplished grassroot NGOs in India


    YFI Alumni

    Continued to change lives & work for the development sector



    Impacted in India's remotest areas



    Of commitment to developing rural areas



    Offering Fellows to work in multicultural and diverse settings

    SBI YFI Fellows share their experiences.

    Sumana Palle
    Sumana Palle
    Batch of 2020-21

    To say that the Fellowship changed my life is an understatement. I went from a traditional corporate career in tech I was very dissatisfied with, to a career in the social sector I am extremely passionate about. The Fellowship taught me not only how to work in the nonprofit sector but also many life skills, like resilience, community, and leadership.

    Anantdeep Kaur
    Anantdeep Kaur
    Batch of 2021-22

    In the past 5 years, I met people promoting sustainable living and organic farming. Being from Punjab, I've seen the harmful effects of chemical farming. SBI YFI Fellowship places Fellows with reputable NGOs in remote areas, which I saw as an opportunity to answer questions like whether minimalistic living is the solution and how people without scientific knowledge of farming grow food. I also wanted to identify the real need of the remote villages of India.

    Ruchinilo Kemp
    Ruchinilo Kemp
    Batch of 2015-16

    The Fellowship taught me to contribute and grow while staying grounded as a conservationist and social entrepreneur. Afterward, I co-founded the Kenono Foundation to support community conservation and develop conservation enterprises in Nagaland around coffee, ecotourism, and carbon credits. I also actively support Zunpha Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd, a grassroots enterprise and leader in Nagaland's development space.

    Our Fellows work in Rural Development across these 12 thematic areas

    The 12 thematic areas where our Fellows are engaged in Rural Development are:


    With our renowned Partner NGOs

    Samaj Pragati Sahayog
    Gram Vikas
    The Ant
    SEVA Mandir
    Urmul Trust
    Barefoot College
    Sewa Bharat

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